Here is the current info for all pre-orders currently on offer. Check back here for the latest info on all current pre-orders! We will update this page with any delays, delivery time frames etc

Current info as of 05/02/2020



3 Wishes Unicorn Sparkle - February 2020

Art Gallery Fusion Foresta - Late Feb 2020

Art Gallery Fusion Ballerina- Late Feb 2020

Art Gallery Mayfair-  Late Feb 2020

Aussie Nursery- May 2020

Blend Mia Charro Forest Friends- April/May 2020

Moda Brightly Blooming- March/April 2020

Rainbow Unicorn- Delayed 2 weeks- Mid Feb 2020

Rathenart Designs Floral Wonderland- March 2020

RJR Bloom Bloom Butterfly- March 2020

Ruby Star Society Airflow- Aoril 2020

Ruby Star Society Clementine & Spark - April 2020

Ruby Star Society Stellar & Zip- April 2020

Ruby Star Society Tigerfly- March 2020

Tula Pink Homemade- March/April 2020

Tula Pink True Colours June/July 2020