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{New Arrival} LDH Scissors Prism Fabric Shears GIFT SET


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Brand Bebeloushdesigns


This set includes:

 9.5" Prism Fabric Shear:


Our Prism Shears are handcrafted from industrial grade Stainless Steel, and are based on the design and engineering of our best selling scissors.

Fabric Shear Length

They are 9.5" long, the perfect length for long cuts and smaller detail work.

Engineered Design

The scissors go through a process called electroplating, which fuses a metal coating on the scissors and creates the prism colour effect; every pair of scissors has the inside of the blade manually covered so they are not coated, unlike other brands. This actually ensures that the scissors are perfectly aligned and improves the sharpness of the blade.

*This pair of shears is right-handed.*

9" Prism Pinking Shear:

Professional Grade Materials 

Crafted from premium Stainless Steel with our signature Midnight electroplating coating. They are the world's one of the first all-black pinking shears. 

Engineered Design 

The blades are aligned perfectly to allow fabrics to be cut effortlessly. 


It can be used in sewing, quilting, dressmaking and paper crafting. It is designed to cut through a variety of fabrics, such as leather, vinyl, denim, and other materials.

Prism Thread Snip:

Our Prism coating has made it's way to our signature thread snip! While they cut thread very well, they are also good for snipping seam allowances, trimming edges, layering seams, and any other sewing task that requires fine, detailed control. Never clip your stitches by mistake again! 


Crafted from Industrial grade stainless steel.


They feature a lightweight design which makes cutting quick and easy. They are also easy to take apart for sharpening.

Recommended Use 

They're fantastic for knitting, crochet, macrame, weaving, embroidery, and light to heavyweight fabric trimming.